The Advantages of Mobile Survey

In todays technology and communications era, smartphone or mobile phone is the primary must have gadget. Almost everyone has one smartphone. People use their smartphone on bed, in the toilet, during meals, while they are shopping or in a seminar and meeting, and when you have been in a train or bus, you’ve seen plenty people whip out their smartphone to text, update status in facebook or twitter, play those favorite game, listen to the music or even read e-book.

The increasing of smartphone users are a game changing in market that can’t be ignored. Due the increasing of technological advances, it has become possible for do-it-yourself survey to design, conduct and analyze your own survey. This can be done by using JAKPAT as a mobile survey platform. There are some advantages for mobile surveys using JAKPAT:


1. By using the smartphone, mobile survey is the easy way to reach respondents who frequently use smartphone, which are typically Millenials and business people. And it capable to reach more respondents spread all around region who install the apps. Now, JAKPAT has more than 42,000+ respondents all over Indonesia with the specific profile, such as age, city, spending level per month, gender or more specific like gamers, online shopper behavior, mother & father segmented, etc.

2. Cost-effective. Mobile survey have a very small cost per respondents. Even we give the rewards to respondents, the cost is far less cheap than paper survey or phone survey, and you can get thousand number of potential responses. In JAKPAT, we send push notification in respondents mobile apps to fill the questioner, so you have not having to visit them one by one.

3. Automation and real time access. Because the respondents using smartphone, so they can fill the questioner wherever they are, while the respondents on the train, taking a walk, or laying down on their bed. So the supplier doesn’t have to wait until the respondents logs into a computer, scanning in responses, and waiting for, data entry. Result from the mobile survey method are available the person when respondents submit their answer. JAKPAT provide a dashboard for supplier, so everyone can create a survey, monitoring survey and analyse the result. JAKPAT also give you a raw data and crosstabulation from your survey.

4. Mobile surveys are more versatile than online survey, because Researcher can send a picture, video or request the respondents to install application in their smartphone and get them feedback fast. JAKPAT will help you send the first questioner to respondents and ask them to install the apps or watching the video. After getting the respondents who install and watching the video, JAKPAT will send the main survey from your questioner, and inquire about their experience after install or watch video. Are they interesting? or do not like it? What are you supposed to do from their suggestion? Can you imagine how satisfied now to do survey with multimedia supporting evidence.

5. No interviewer. Respondents may be more willing to answer or sharing more personal information because they are not contact directly to another person. You can get deeper insight from them

You can see the benefits of mobile survey for researchers, so get started creating your mobile survey now with JAKPAT! :)


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