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Diet Habit – JAKPAT Survey Report

People have their own way to keep their body stay fit, healthy also beauty. One of them is doing diet. For any people diet is set daily meal, and the others not enough just by doing this. They will do exercise, not allow to eat anything food, manage their bed time, meditation, etc. People nowadays doing diet programs not only for healthy but also build self confidence because there is a mindset if fat aren’t interesting, but proportional body is everyone’s dream. So, from this survey we want to know about diet experiences among respondents in Indonesia. What is the favorite diet programs? Why do you need diet? What have to do during diet? How long do you diet? Why did you stop dieting? And so on.
For more information about our finding, please kindly download our report below. This report contains several information such us:
Most Popular Diet
• Diet experiences
• Diet Method
• Favorite exercise
• Food Taboos
• Meal Planner
• Diet Time Period
• Diet Reasons
• Weight Loss Goal
• Diet Effect
• Reasons to Stop Dieting

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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