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Brand tracking is one method to monitoring brand position in market, and to find out how competition is. In this article, we would like to share with you sample report of brand tracking survey we’ve done to make up product. We used Jakpat survey template from Jakpat dashboard, did some modification to several questions and options. We involved 221 female respondents in several major cities in Indonesia.

Basically, brand tracking survey consist of several points:

1. Brand awareness

2. Brand Usage

3. Brand Image / attributes

4. Purchase Intention

But in this survey, we only used brand awarness and usage to see how respondents recall brands, how they remember, what’s on their mind, and last, how they use make up product generally.

This survey started by asking the respondents about what brands they remember when they hear word “make up”. We asked respondents to write their answer in open ended box with maximum 5 brands. Then, surprisingly, WARDAH is the most widely recognized brands.

1 (3)

Then, we would like to know what values are used in choosing make-up product, and the answer is:


Comfort still the main value for respondents. Next, information about brand could be the one of important aspects we should know. How do consumers get the information? Does the information influence respondents in decision making? But it turns out, previous experience becomes the most decisive factor.


Furthermore, we asked respondents to mention make up brand they bought last time. And majority respondents mentioned WARDAH as the recent purchase.


Purchase frequency is also important aspects for brand. We found majority respondents buy make up product at least once a month. We can say, make up product purchase is monthly buying.



Purchase intention:




Where do people buy make up? Beside these options, we also gave some options such as drugstore, online shop in Instagram / marketplace/etc, and e-commerce (Lazada, Luxola). But it turns out, these 3 kind of store still favorites for buying make up.


There are particular condition to buy make up, for instance suddenly get a recommendation about the latest products. And here is the answer:


Download XLS Report of Brand Tracking – Make up Product here:

Download PDF Report of Brand Tracking – Make up  Product here:


In JAKPAT you can do brand tracking survey in regular basis ( weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly) that matches your product characteristics. JAKPAT Dashboard has time-series dashboard to compare data from each week/bi-week/monthly/quarterly.

Consult with us and let us know your needs in brand tracking surveys for the following years toward Indonesian market, we offer special discount for a year tracking period.

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