Break Fasting Trend in this Ramadhan Month – Survey Report

Ramadhan season has come back again this year. Many people are waiting for this festivity because this is the time where people can enjoy their fasting and come to their own homeland to meet all of their families at the end of the month. During the Ramadhan month we can see a lot of street vendors selling traditional food and restaurants will be very pack before 6 PM. However, in this survey we want to see people’s behavior when they break their fasting every day. In this survey, we conducted some survey with 535 respondents that respond to this question.

#1 Where do people prefer to break their fast?

From the multiple answers that we get from respondents, around 85% of the respondents prefer to break their fast in their home. In our opinion, breaking fast in home is the most preferable because usually in this month people could leave early from the office. Therefore, they have enough travel time to break fasting in home with their lovely one. People also tend to continue with praying after breaking fast in home with their own family rather than to spend time break fasting in other places. The 2nd most favorite place to break fasting is food court in mall. Break fasting in food court is also preferable because there are a lot of foods and the price is still relatively cheap compared to restaurant outside the food court.

Q1 (multiple answer) : Where do you prefer to break your fasting? Total
Option 1 : Home 454
Option 2 : Office 56
Option 3 : Food Court in Mall / Restaurant in Mall 122
Option 4 : Restaurant outside the Mall 72
Option 5 : On the road (small vendors / jajanan kaki lima) 96
Option 6 : Other 9
Total 809

#2 Who usually accompany you when you break your fasting?

As observed before, family gathering is one of the reasons why people like Ramadhan month. People love to be accompanied by family during the Ramadhan month because it’s one of time all the family member in the house can gather together at the same time. Around 84% of the respondents say that they love to be accompanied with their own family. The 2nd option is friend with around 26% of respondents love to be accompanied by them. Why close friends? Usually during the month we can see a lot of Buka Bersama or BukBer (breaking fast together) organized. From high school friends, university friends, office friends, etc.

Q2 (multiple answer) : Who usually accompany you when you break your fasting? Total
Option 1 : Family 450
Option 2 : Close Friends 140
Option 3 : Colleagues (Office friends) 105
Option 4 : By yourself because you are on the road or stuck in traffic 51
Option 5 : Boyfriend/girlfriend 74
Total 820

#3 What is your favorite food when you break your fasting?

Then come the interesting part of the survey. Almost 96% of the respondents say that Indonesian food was the most favorite food which they prefer when they break their fasting. Ramadhan month is very associated with Indonesian culture. Almost all the food that we eat during the month is Indonesian food. We can see street vendors selling pisang goreng (fried banana), traditional snack food, Padang food, etc. During this month, we can eat all Indonesian delicacy as it’s not common if we don’t break fasting with Indonesian food.

food-fasting#4 Do you usually break fasting with your big family and friends during Ramadhan?

Around 87% of the respondents usually spend time to break fasting with the big family and friends during Ramadhan. Only 13% of respondents don’t spend any time to gather with their family and friends. That’s why we can see why restaurant is always full with the big party at the table as they usually spend their breaking fast with more than 5 people at the same table.

Q4 (single answer) : Do you usually break your fast with your old friends / big family in Ramadhan? Total
Option 1 : Yes 470
Option 2 : No 65
Total 535

#5 What is your preferable time to break fasting with big family or old friends?

We also asked our respondents what is their favorite time to do BukBer. Close to 43% of the respondents prefer to do BukBer during the 3rd week of Ramadhan. The reason why people favored this time because usually people still enjoy break fasting at their home during the 1st week and they prefer to enjoy home cooked food. Another reason that we suspect why people love 3rd week of Ramadhan to do BukBer is because usually they already got THR. Therefore, they can spend their money in fancier food and continue with shopping at the mall. 2nd week of Ramadhan also was favored by the respondent followed by the 4th week of Ramadhan. People usually didn’t do BukBer in the 4th week of Ramadhan because usually some of them start to pack their bag to do homecoming.

Q5 (single answer) : What is your preferable time to break the fast with your old friends / big family? Total
Option 1 : 1st week of Ramadhan 35
Option 2 : 2nd week of Ramadhan 183
Option 3 : 3rd week of Ramadhan 206
Option 4 : 4th week of Ramadhan 46
Total 470

#6 Where is your preferable place to do BukBer with your old friends or big family?

Around 52% of the respondents prefer to do BukBer in food court or restaurant inside the mall. This option is one of the most logical options for people to do Bukber, as usually going to mall is very convenience and they will have a lot of options. Therefore, in the 2nd or 3rd week of Ramadhan, we always see all the food court and restaurant are packed 1 hr – 2 hr prior breaking fast time. They will continue later on probably for another 1 hour after breaking fast time to chit chat, and then usually they will go for shopping. The 2nd favorite option was restaurant outside mall with 46% of respondents choose this option. Going to restaurant outside mall also is considered convenient because many people also think that they are lazy for going to the mall because the mall is so packed. During this month we also see on the road usually people will visit another one’s house to do BukBer and sometimes it causes traffic jam. That’s why that around 36% of the respondents also pick home as their favorite spot to do BukBer.

Q6 (multiple answer) : Where is your preferable place to break the fast with old friends / big family in Ramadhan month? Total
Option 1 : Home 171
Option 2 : Food Court in mall / Restaurant in mall 243
Option 3 : Restaurant outside the mall 218
Option 4 : Other 9
Total 641

For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below. JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gendr,age range, locationby province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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