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Cashless Payment: Extended Usage of Go-Pay and OVO – Survey Report

The effort of encouraging cashless payment has been announced for recent years. In order to encourage this discourse, numbers of a digital wallet, or also known as electronic money is made by the bank and another non-banking provider. According to our data, some popularly owned electronic money product among our respondents are Go-Pay, e-Money, and T-Cash. These products is also followed by OVO, a smart financial app made by LippoX. Recently, both Go-Pay and OVO are gaining public interest since they offer much interesting promotions. Go-Pay try to attract their user by creating Go-Point as their rewarding system, and offer discount for any Go-Jek service paid by Go-Pay balance. Meanwhile, OVO enable their user to pay their transaction in Lippo merchants such as Matahari department store and Hypermart using OVO balance. Besides that, OVO recently also launch cashback program for dining in OVO merchants using its balance. As the enthusiasm of using Go-Pay and OVO is quite high, we would like to examine the extended usage of both apps. We send a survey toward 2.384 respondents in nationwide to understand this issue. Basically, we ask them a single question about their interest of using Go-Pay and OVO if these apps can be used to afford their offline transaction in any shop or restaurants. Surprisingly, most respondents in this survey are interested of the idea. They don’t mind using their Go-Pay and OVO balance to pay offline transaction. In general, they even expect to be able using the balance to pay for food dining, fashion&accessories, and electronic&gadget. Up to this point, we may relieve that the idea of encouraging digital payment in the near future is very much welcome.

In order to gain deeper insight about this issue, please kindly download our free report below. This report consist of several data, such as:

  • The currently own digital money product among respondents
  • Interest and motivation of using Go-Pay for offline transaction
  • Expected product able to be bought by Go-Pay balance in offline transaction
  • Interest and motivation of using OVO for offline transaction
  • Expected product able to be bought by OVO balance in offline transaction

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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