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HARBOLNAS 2017-624

Harbolnas 2017 Survey Report

by on January 4, 2018

Harbolnas – Hari Belanja Online Nasional (National Online Shopping Day) is the largest online shopping event in Indonesia, followed by almost all online retailers. As in previous years, in 2017 JAKPAT conducted a survey of Harbolnas 2017. Slightly different from the previous year, this year’s survey involves only 365 respondents. JAKPAT developed a survey question […]

Thrifty_Preloved atau KW_624

Thrifty: Preloved or Counterfeit? – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on November 21, 2017

In order to get some stuffs, people are being thrifty rather than spending some big amounts of money for brand new product. Sometimes they prefer to go for preloved stuff or counterfeit stuff. Preloved stuff refers to secondhand product; or a product that has been used or wear by other people but then the previous […]

News and Information Source_624

News and Information Sources: Based on Topics – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on October 20, 2017

In this digital era, there is a wide range of sources where people can get news and information. Not only the traditional news package on television or the hardnews on newspaper, but people can also get news and information from the internet. The internet itself offers vary ways that enable people to get news and […]


SPA/Fast Fashion Brand Consumption – Survey Report

by on April 10, 2017

The term SPA or also known as fast fashion brand may not familiar for most of us. However, the brand that is categorized as SPA/fast fashion may be quite familiar. Most of us may know several brands such as ZARA, H&M, Cotton On, Uniqlo, GAP, and so on. Those brands are categorized as SPA/fast fashion. […]

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Cloth Cleaning Product Consumption – Survey Report

by on December 13, 2016

For anyone who believes in the importance of impression management, their appearance must be considered as an important matter foremost. They believe the way they appear to others play a pivotal role in creating people’s impression of themselves. However, being nice in appearance at some point is in line with being careful with our clothes. […]


Cosmetic Purchasing Trends – Survey Report

by on August 10, 2016

Cosmetic trend growing rapidly. Competition not only enlivened the beauty industry local products but also international brands. The rapid online businesses make choices for cosmetic products is very diverse. Even products that were not previously available Indonesia, nowadays, can be easily accessed through online business. We were curious about cosmetic purchasing trends among our female […]


Let’s Online Shopping! Female VS Male toward Fashion Product

by on February 5, 2016

Online shopping has become a part of this generation’s lifestyle, since the advancement of new media and technology enables people to do their daily routines digitally via the internet, including shopping. Before the online shopping phenomenon, men and women have some differences regarding to shopping habit, particularly when it comes to fashion products. Recently, Jakpat […]


Beauty Salon Habit – Survey Report

by on January 21, 2016

Visiting beauty salon may be an interesting activity to get your day refreshed. Undeniable, self-pampering in beauty salon become one of the most interesting activity especially for Indonesian women after being busy. Some women even find it as the quality time they have with themselves. We conducted a survey to better understand Indonesian women beauty […]


Brand Tracking: Make Up Product

by on January 13, 2016

Brand tracking is one method to monitoring brand position in market, and to find out how competition is. In this article, we would like to share with you sample report of brand tracking survey we’ve done to make up product. We used Jakpat survey template from Jakpat dashboard, did some modification to several questions and […]


Indonesian Brand Endorser-Survey Report

by on December 29, 2015

Brand endorser may not be a new concept of today marketing communication world. Endorser is not only serve as the “people who talk about the brand” but also the representation of brand. They are the face of the brand so that people can see the “human characteristics” of the brand on the endorser. As the […]