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Indonesia’s Mobile Users on Pokémon Go – Survey Report

by on July 25, 2016

  The game Pokémon Go has been a trending topic all over the world since the past month or so. In its early phase of development only a few select countries had the ability to officially download and install the game. However, because the talk was all over the media, more and more people might […]


Online Webtoon Users – Survey Report

by on May 31, 2016

Webtoon is a term used to describe South Korean webcomics or manhwa, published online. In South Korea more than 3 million Korean users paid to access online manhwa, and 10 million users read free webcomics. Here, Line Webtoon is one of webtoon portals giving a free access to read Buy inflatable water slide Canada webtoon. […]


App Purchasing Behavior – Survey Report

by on November 10, 2015

Along with the development of smartphones, mobile app presence can not be separated from smartphone users. Her presence brings convenience to the users to do many things, ranging from communicating to purchase an item / needs. There are many various choices of mobile app that users can freely choose what app is needed. Even many […]


Dubsmash Fever – Survey Report

by on August 10, 2015

Dubsmash probably be fairly well-known applications lately. Many well-known figures such as celebrities who upload Dubsmash videos in their social media. Basically, Dubsmash is an application where users can make video lipsync with a variety of audio recordings. This trend also makes us wonder whether the respondent Jakpat was affected by Dubsmash fever. The survey […]


Mobile Gamers Behavior – Survey Report

by on July 29, 2015

Game always has fanatic fans, start from gembot, play station, until game online. Along with the development of smartphone, mobile gaming applications also not escaped the attention of fans of the game or even users who had previously not game players. Easy access to get and play mobile games making it one of the types […]

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LINE GET RICH Mobile Gamers – Survey Report

by on April 12, 2015

Do you use LINE Chat App? You must have been familiar with the pic below : Yes it is a LINE GET RICH invitation.Do you feel annoyed or do you like it? JAKPAT has identifed that there are over 3000+ JAKPAT’s respondent installed LINE GET RICH. And thus we select randomly 456 Respondents from those […]