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This tutorial section covering all how-to section of creating survey using JAKPAT’s Mobile Survey Platform from basic to advance case studies


Brand Loyalty Survey : How loyal your customers?

by on May 31, 2015

When you want to buy a soft drink in supermarket, and you decided to buy coke than pepsi, that is Brand Loyalty. We can describe brand loyalty when you purchased┬árepeatedly the same characteristic of product than other suppliers. In this case, we can identified the possibilities of consumer to switch to another product, especially if […]


Brand attributes and association survey

by on May 29, 2015

If you work in the marketing, advertising or run your own business, you may get use to the concept of Brand attributes and associations. Two of them provide the fabric of loyalty and equity research. In other hand, loyalty and equity itself are largely the result of the associations and attributes of the brand. In […]

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Media Measurement Indonesia – Daily,Weekly,Monthly Tracking

by on May 27, 2015

Media measurement is one sophisticated research product done by respectively research industry in almost country. Brands and publishers are using media measurement to allocate advertising budget on each media and track the effectiveness of their advertising budget usage. Using JAKPAT mobile survey platform, we are currently tracking media measurement of our respondent in Indonesia ranged […]


Brand Awareness Survey Template

by on April 25, 2015

To figure out the value of your brand, you will need to know the 4 key elements: Brand awareness, brand attributes & associations, perceived quality, and Brand loyalty of your consumers. This tutorial series will bring you examples on how brand management survey is conducted and its questionnaire examples. The first part of the series […]