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Concept testing is the process of using quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate consumer response to a product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market. In other hand, it can save you a lot of money and time to concept test your idea first before bring it to the world.

Basically, concept testing can be simple and quick or iterative and sophisticated. In this article, we’ll specifically talk about a qualitative methods through a survey platform. Here are some ideas to help beginners and professionals get it right.

Identify your survey need

After a long process of collecting idea for your product, you might need to learn whether your ideas is resonate with the segments who are likely to become your costumers. You better start with the questions such as :

  • Does this product stand out against my competitor’s product?
  • Does this product capture customers attention?
  • Do they recognize this brand?
  • Do they trust this brand?
  • which button would make them buy?

The answers to these questions make it easy to choose a concept to go with, and they help hone the final product. 

Conduct your concept testing survey based on your need

Some of you may still confuse on how you apply these concept testing methods? First, you have to remember that all sorts of business challenges can be solved with the right test testing. Therefore, you have to know exactly what kind of survey will match your need. Here a few example: 

  • Logo Testing. Online surveys are a great way to test different creative concepts and designs to ultimately come up a logo that visually communicates your brand best. 
  • Website design and feedback. Trough a concept testing survey you can get an insight about your target population think related to your website design. Beside, it help you make sure you get everything right.
  • Social Media Campaigns.  Do your customers expect to see you on Twitter? Or do they prefer to find out about you via a blog, on LinkedIn, or on a Facebook news feed? Use an online survey to find the answers you need.
  • Ads, landing, pages, and conversions. Many online marketers test headlines, images, and content on their websites to identify winning combinations of messages and creative. Which ad tends to grab the most eyeballs, and is the ad compelling enough to get visitors to click, convert, and become customers? This method of testing is can give your conversion rate optimization efforts a real boost.

Testing your ideas before launch it to the market is important so that you can maximize strength of your future product and eliminate the weakness. With JAKPAT, you can conduct surveys to the specific segment of respondents so you can have the data you need.

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