Cosmetics Usage and Purchase – Survey Report

Beauty is the most important thing for women, and being pretty is a desire of all women in a world. Many ways taken to be beautiful, one of which is doing make up. Therefore, such cosmetics have become a primary need for women. Cosmetics industry is endless, growing in line with the trend. Innovation continues to be done by the producers to respond to many women problems. Therefore, Jakpat wants to know the usage and purchase of cosmetics through a survey involving 1524 female respondents.

Look attractive and be beautiful would be the goal of all women, but whether the cosmetics applied every day be an interesting thing to Jakpat. We asked respondents when are the perfect time to wear cosmetics. We asked respondents to choose the options that fit their answers, and then found that going to a wedding be a most appropriate time for respondents to use cosmetics.


Then, when we asked where are they usually buy the cosmetics, majority of respondents answered supermarket/hypermarket. After that, department store became second answer, following by online shop and convenient store. Not few of respondents who answered dermatologist clinic as a place they buy cosmetics. This is probably because of relation  between cosmetics and skin health. Some people have enough sensitive skin, so that the security of skin health becomes very necessary.


Talking about cosmetics, the brand becomes very concerned for someone, as evidenced by the 87.53% of the respondents know the brand before purchasing it. It is very reasonable, brand reputation will determine the quality and purchasing decisions.


When we asked respondents what brands they use, we found two brands of cosmetics are pretty much chosen by the respondent. 33.88% of respondents admitted to using Wardah Cosmetic, while 32.52% of respondents said using Maybeline.


Information about brand is obtained from television advertising, it was stated by 87.53% of respondents. Moreover, some of them got the information from the recommendation of family and friends. While, 14,53% of respondents admitted read the internet reviews to get the information.


Apparently, internet is quite important in the search for information about brand cosmetics in this time. 55.56% of respondents admitted to doing research on the internet.


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