Develop An Effective Mobile Survey

As market research will cost some money and time, effective survey is desirable to get optimum result in minimum cost possible. Here are some tips to develop an effective mobile survey:

1. Increase Response Rate
High response rate lead to shorter data collection time. To increase response rate, respondents must be screened well thus the survey given is relevant to them. Give a short explanation regarding the survey so people know what to expect. Other way to increase response rate is to offer respondents an incentive.

2. Keep it Simple, Short and Quick
Mobile survey has time and screen constraints therefore making the survey short and concise will ensure better involvement from the respondents. Eliminate nice to know question and redundant question. Design the question carefully so that the respondents do not have to scroll down the page. If your survey take more than 10 minutes to be filled, split the survey into two surveys by break it down according to the category.

3. Use Right Type of Question
Use single or multiple choice question whenever possible because it is easier to view and more compatible with mobile survey. While drop-downs is recommended for question with long list of choices. Similar to that, vertical radio button is more preferred than horizontal radio button to prevent respondents to miss several options. Avoid open-ended question by providing some options and allowing “Others, specify” answer. If open-ended question must be used, use the minimum number of it.

Please be aware of the length of the question itself. If it is too long, either shorten the question word split the question into two. Because of the constraints of mobile survey, long and complicated question usually will not have respondent’s full attention.

4. Arrange Your Questions
There are certain types of question that people feel not comfortable answering such as sensitive question (like marriage status) or question that they think could affect how other people perceive them. Better to put those questions at the end of the survey as people are more comfortable answering it later. Moreover, start the survey with easy question then carry on with harder question if needed.

5. Make it Fun
Make your survey is inviting for the respondents by choosing not-too-heavy topic. Friendly tone also can be used so people are more willing to express their thought. Incorporating clips and picture also make the survey interesting.


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