Author: Fauziah Khoiriyani


JAKPAT TVC Review Ramadhan 2019 Edition: E-commerce

by on May 20, 2019

TV advertisement plays an important role for a brand. In Ramadhan in 2019, JAKPAT conducted research on respondents’ assessment of TVC from several product categories. The assessed aspects include: Ad awareness Purchase Intention Overall Liking Uniqueness Believability Relevancy For the e-commerce category, JAKPAT involves 7 ads from SHOPEE, TOKOPEDIA, LAZADA, BUKALAPAK, SORABEL, BLIBLI, and ZILINGO. […]

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Online VS Offline Shopping: Gadget – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on April 22, 2019

The lives of people have been made easier by using the internet for various things from getting offers and completing simple daily tasks, including shopping. Lately, online shopping has become increasingly popular, even for product categories such as gadgets, many people are interested in buying these products online. But even though we like online shopping […]

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The Trend of Beauty Collaboration Product – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on February 22, 2019

To face intense competition in the beauty industry, companies usually create various innovations in various aspects such as products or marketing. One of the marketing innovation strategies run by several companies is co-creation. One form of co-creation that is often used by beauty companies is the collaboration between brands with public figures. Lately, this kind […]

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#BudayaBeberes: How Indonesian Millennial Perceive The Clean-Up-After Yourself Habit – Survey Report

by on February 8, 2019

Recently the social media campaign carried out by KFC Indonesia attracted many netizens’ attention and received various responses. In this campaign, KFC Indonesia promotes the hashtag #budayabeberes on its official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts with the intention of encouraging customers to clean their own tables after eating (The Jakarta Post, 2019). This clean-up-after-yourself culture is […]

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Indonesian Millennials Investment Trend 2018 -Survey Report

by on January 29, 2019

In 2018, the millennial generation is expected to become a productive age community and has become financially independent. Along with the financial independence that has been achieved, many of them need strategies to manage their personal finances. Investment is one of the way for millennials to manage their finances and at the same time make […]


Traditional Treatment – Survey Report

by on August 27, 2018

The development of the world of modern medicine today is growing very rapidly. Nevertheless, there are still many Indonesian people who believe in traditional treatment. This development trend of traditional treatment seems to be growing rapidly in this country. In Indonesia, there are various types of traditional treatment that can be tried by the community, […]


Offline Media Consumption – Survey Report

by on April 9, 2018

The rise of digital and online media is making it hard for offline media to compete. Ease of access and relatively low cost make online media favored by many people today. But for a developing country like Indonesia where internet penetration is still unevenly, offline media might be a solution to reach a wide range […]

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Survey Segmentation: Body Wash – Survey Report

by on February 21, 2018

Body cleaning activities is a mandatory day-to-day activity especially for those who live in tropical countries. We usually use soap to clean our body and even body scrub to exfoliate our skin. In Indonesia, there are many soap brand that caters different need of Indonesian customer. In this survey, we try to find out what […]

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Survey Segmentation: Soy Sauce – Survey Report

by on February 6, 2018

Not everyone is born to cook, sometimes we need spices, condiment, or sauce to make our food taste good. Originated from China and made from fermented soybeans, soy sauce is one of the condiments that serve to enrich our taste of cuisine. In Indonesia itself there are many types of soy sauce used by households […]