Author: Mashita Fandia

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Listen to the Radio – Survey Report on Indonesian Radio Access Habit

by on February 16, 2017

In this digital era, the new media has emerged hence urging the conventional media to evolve and transform. Among the simplicity and velocity that the internet offers, we wonder how about the recent condition of conventional electronic media such as radio? Moreover, how the audiences’ habit and preferences nowadays? Therefore, regarding to this matter, recently […]

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Swipe Your Destiny – Survey Report on Indonesian Tinder Users

by on February 7, 2017

Online dating apps are so popular right now. Many online dating apps offer some facilities that allow users to meet new people with a particular purpose: romance. One of those famous online dating apps in Indonesia right now is Tinder. How is it popular among Indonesian? How do they use it? Do they really use […]


Day at the Museum – Survey Report on Indonesian Museum Visit

by on November 30, 2016

Indonesia is a unique country with many kinds of heritages, cultures and arts. From the historical until the contemporary, we can find many museums across the country that accommodates that nation’s wealth. However, sadly, only some people who put some interest towards the museum. Therefore, regarding to this matter, recently Jakpat has conducted a survey […]


Addicted to Drama – A Survey Report on Kdrama Addicts in Indonesia

by on November 9, 2016

The era of Korean drama is rising again in Indonesia. After the famous era of Winter Sonata and Full House in the early 2000s, these past years the entertainment industry has been dominated once again by the television series from South Korea or widely known as Kdrama (an abbreviation for Korean drama). The continuous glory […]


The Fandom for Idols – A Survey Report on Kpop Fans in Indonesia

by on November 2, 2016

The product of South Korea’s music industry, or also simply and widely known as Kpop (an abbreviation for Korean pop), is so happening all around the world now, including Indonesia. Fans hold a very significant part regarding to pop culture. Without fans, an idol will not survive in that rough industry. Therefore, regarding to this […]


How to Use “Add Install App” as Questions in JAKPAT – a Tutorial

by on October 10, 2016

People download apps every day, but the truth is that many of them are abandoned or never even used. Apps are now an integral part of our daily micro-moments, with people spending an average of 30 hours per month in them, according to Nielsen.[1] Apps play a key role in  everyday moments. People look up on […]


How to Use “Priority” as Questions in JAKPAT – Survey Tutorial

by on October 10, 2016

As the most suitable methodological tool to capture the general insight of the large population toward certain issues, sometimes researchers need to ask the respondents to compare some things to each other. It’s whether the items being asked about are expected to be very similar or very different from one another. For instance, when asking […]