Author: Raditia Sujanto


Online Qurban 2018 – Survey Report

by on August 30, 2018

The trend of online purchasing or online shopping has been growing vastly in the past several years. And, that trend did not leave purchasing Qurban behind because now anyone can buy their Qurban from their computer or smartphone. Therefore we conducted this survey; we wanted to find out what the trend was going to be […]


Indonesia Independence Day JAKPAT Survey Report 2018

by on August 23, 2018

This survey was meant to find out the meaning of the celebration of Indonesia‘s Independence Day. We wanted to see how enthusiastic the young generations represented by the millennials and generation Z were about symbolic activities or actions to nationalism. Therefore we asked the respondents about things like their preference toward local brands, the language […]

Final Match World Cup 2018-624

Watching Final Match of World Cup 2018 – Survey Report

by on July 23, 2018

The final match of 2018 World Cup between France and Croatia was only a few days back. The excitement from around the globe was felt greatly, even in Indonesia. A lot of people in Indonesia would stay up for a match or matches of their favourite team or teams. This survey which was conducted for […]

Avenger Infinity war-624

Indonesians on Avengers Infinity War

by on May 15, 2018

Have you seen the latest Avengers: Infinity War? It has become one of the most earning movies within only a few weeks since its release. That speaks for how people anticipated the movie so much. We decided to do a survey on how our Indonesian respondents thought about the movie and how they did the ticket […]

Entertainment on Mobile-624

Entertainment Right in Your Palm – Survey Report

by on April 26, 2018

Having entertainment right in your hand or palm must be such a convenience. Moreover these days where smart gadgets including phones and tablets have become almost a necessity in the social life in most places. Therefore, this survey was meant to find out all the entertainment trends that are found in either smartphones or tablets. […]

Reward Point Collection-624

Reward Points Collecting Habits – Survey Report

by on March 23, 2018

If we were to talk about how a marketer made sure their customers kept coming to buy their products or use their service, one of the most common ways is by rewarding the customers with points. A lot of companies that try to keep their customer’s loyal use the approach of giving reward points to […]

Virtual Reality-624

Notion on Virtual Reality (VR): Teens VS Young Adults – Survey Report

by on February 23, 2018

Virtual Reality (VR) is most commonly represented by a device that one wears around their head just like how a pair of ski goggles is worn, except for the fact that the wearer is unable to see anything but the screen inside the ‘goggles’. Nowadays VR is displayed for free use in malls or technology centres or […]

Artificial Intelligence-624

Artificial Intelligence: Today and For The Future – Survey Report

by on February 18, 2018

The existence of artificial intelligence has created great changes in the technology world. How people are nowadays looking for some information easily and quickly has changed the way the information itself is shared. Many companies now use the advantage of artificial intelligence in their service to the customers or users. The technology has made what […]

Usage of Cable TV-624

Cable TV Subscription – Survey Report

by on February 8, 2018

Nowadays cable TV has been massively used throughout all levels of socio-economic status in Indonesia. This survey was conducted to find out the trend and also behind the consideration of using cable TV in the respondent’s home. Interestingly enough there is a lot of respondents who use cable TV, and one of the strongest reasons […]