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The working mothers tend to split the bank account with husbands. However, the stay-at-home moms tend to merge the bank account with their spouse.

Money Management & Family Budget from Mom’s Perspective – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on October 9, 2020

The woman has an essential role in the family, which is to manage almost everything in the household. By conducting this study, JAKPAT tries to reveal how are family financial management in mothers’ perspective and its relation to the pandemic.  For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below. Ready to Send A […]

7 out of 10 respondents interested in getting COVID-19 vaccine (1)

COVID-19 Vaccine through Indonesian Perspective – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on September 30, 2020

It has been six months since WHO declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, but the cases in Indonesia are still rising. Indonesia also started to enter a new normal era, trying to adapt to the situation, by implementing health protocol while doing activities outside the house. When will this pandemic end, no one knows for sure. […]


Pandemic Bike Boom – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on September 18, 2020

The cycling trend is getting more popular including in Indonesia, since March 2020 along with the emergence of COVID-19. Due to this phenomenon, the demanded number of the bicycle is increasing. Quoted from Kompas(25/6/2020) AVP of Business Tokopedia David Kartono said that bicycle purchasing through Tokopedia is increasing to 40% from the previous months. Through […]

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Here’s the Perception of Indonesian Millennials About Investment – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on September 1, 2020

Nowadays, there are lots of ways for people to invest in. Due to technology development and its various ways, millennials are starting to aware of the investment. The increase in fraud investment cases marks the awareness of   Indonesians towards investment. Through this research, JAKPAT tries to understand respondents’ perspectives towards investment, types of investors, as […]

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Trend of Qurban Eid Adha 2020 – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on August 13, 2020

This year’s Eid al-Adha (Day of Sacrifice) is celebrated differently from previous years in the middle of a pandemic that limits outside activities. The process of Qurban purchasing & its distribution is changed to the new habit due to the government protocol towards COVID-19. In this survey, Jakpatwant to find out how people think about […]

sosmed trend - 624x244 x

Indonesia Social Media Trend 1st Semester of 2020 – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on August 13, 2020

Online activities during this pandemic continue to increase, as reported by JAKPAT on COVID-19 special report which states that consumption of online media such as streaming video and social media is increasing. Many people access social media either to spend their spare time or look for the latest information about Covid-19. To understand social media […]


Indonesia Digital Wallet Trend 1st Semester of 2020 – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on August 6, 2020

The cashless society in Indonesia is increasingly popular as technology literacy increases. According to the 2019 Fintech Daily Social Indonesia Report, the digital wallet or “e-wallet” platform is the most popular financial technology “fintech” category in Indonesia¹. In 2019, the value of electronic money transactions surged sharply by 207% to Rp 145.2 trillion². Whereas, the […]

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Indonesia E-commerce Trend 1st Semester of 2020 – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on July 27, 2020

Online shopping has become a part of Indonesian consumer life, especially for active internet users. In this pandemic, people tend to be more familiar with online shopping where physical distancing makes the activities of people outside the home limited, online shopping is considered to be a solution to meet needs. In this study, JAKPAT tried […]

Beauty Influencer (5)

Beauty Influencer – JAKPAT Study of Social Media Influencer Tracking

by on July 6, 2020

In this digital era, the existence of social media influencers is increasingly considered. Especially in the beauty industry, people are looking up to them for references. The number of followers or subscribers is a success standard for influencers, which later becomes a mark for brands for their marketing plan in terms of endorsement. This tracking […]

People tend to still prefer to attend public events virtually on a new normal instead of physically present by applying the COVID-19 protocol. (1)

New Normal: Life After COVID-19 – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on June 24, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the life of many people. At present, the entire world including Indonesia has entered a “new normal” transition period. The JAKPAT study aims to find out what things have changed from Indonesians’ habit, their perspective towards the “new normal”, and how they view their lives after this pandemic.  For more detailed […]