Author: Syaifa Tania

Cashless Payment-624

Cashless Payment: Extended Usage of Go-Pay and OVO – Survey Report

by on January 29, 2018

The effort of encouraging cashless payment has been announced for recent years. In order to encourage this discourse, numbers of a digital wallet, or also known as electronic money is made by the bank and another non-banking provider. According to our data, some popularly owned electronic money product among our respondents are Go-Pay, e-Money, and […]

Online Job Search-624

Online Job Search: Usage of Career Center Website – Survey Report

by on January 22, 2018

Finding a job is a challenging task that is faced by most today’s youth. As Indonesia is having a demographic bonus, which leads the big number of youth, the challenge of getting a job is just in front of us. The big number of youth and the limited job opportunity in the industry makes job […]

Segmentation Survey Ice Cream-624

Segmentation Survey Report: Ice Cream Consumer

by on January 12, 2018

As a popular dessert around the globe, it is almost impossible to find people who do not like to consume ice cream. Ice cream has been a popular dessert for most people around the world. From the modern globally distributed ice cream brand to the traditional or local ice cream vendor tend to grab the […]

bumbu instant-624

Segmentation Survey Report: Instant Food Seasoning

by on January 11, 2018

For some people, instant food seasoning may be a lifesaver. For people who do not have wealthy time to be in the kitchen, who cannot cook, or as simple as people who chase for practical/easy/simplicity in cooking, using instant food seasoning maybe helpful. We conduct a segmentation survey of our respondents in nationwide to understand […]

Usage of Go-Pay Balance-624

Go-Pay Balance Usage – Survey Report

by on January 5, 2018

Since it is firstly introduced, Go-Pay has been warmly welcomed by most Go-Jek customer. This digital wallet is considered as very useful to support customer on using Go-Jek services. Moreover, Go-Jek also boost its digital environment with several features such as Go-Points, cheaper tarif, cash withdrawal, and number of supportive features for their customer who […]


Segmentation Based Survey: Fast Food Consumer – Survey Report

by on December 22, 2017

Fast food industry in Indonesia is facing an intense competition in the channel. Numbers of new fast food chain open their new restaurants in several provinces where they never have before. Meanwhile, the prominent leading fast food restaurants are not only expanding, but also maintaining their current consumer by penetrating the sub-urban area, and/or opening […]


Segmentation Survey: Motivation Based Coffee Drinker – Survey Report

by on December 7, 2017

Researching about consumer segmentation may not only be based on the demographic aspect only. In this survey, we focus on their basic motivation regarding why they consume coffee. Among all possible motivation, most respondents in this survey consume coffee because of three reasons; they like the taste, coffee helps them to stay awake, and coffee […]


Healthy Lifestyle: Sport Habit – Survey Report

by on December 4, 2017

The campaign of adopting healthy lifestyle is highly announced by many brands and organisation recently. Started by regularly doing simple exercise to consume healthy food, this campaign is well received by most people. Up to this point, we may assume that┬ápeople awareness and consciousness of adopting healthy lifestyle is already positive. We conduct a survey […]

Net Promoter Score-624

Brand Competition: Net Promoter Score (NPS)

by on November 27, 2017

A promotion has been long known as an essential part of a marketing mix. However, in most cases, the best marketing tools to persuade and ensure our customer to buy our product may not be effectively done by advertising. Advertising at some point may be beneficial to create brand awareness. However, in order to persuade […]

Millenials Dream House_624

Millennials Dream House – JAKPAT Survey Report

by on November 17, 2017

A few times ago, there were articles that assume today millennials are facing difficulty regarding their buying power to buy their own house. As the property price is constantly rising, this generation is said to have a problem with the issue. Despite the empirical fact of the argument itself, we conduct a survey toward 3.192 […]