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Financial Literacy by Gender – Survey Report

In order to ensure future financial stability, financial literacy plays an important role for society. By having a proper financial literacy, people may have the knowledge about the importance of financial product, how to manage their financial resource, etc. Moreover, regarding the role of gender in our society related to financial issue, we would like to lay a map about financial literacy by gender. In Indonesian household, most family put the responsibility to manage the money in female (mother), while the male (father) has the responsibility to earn. Although this approach is no longer always been applied in today Indonesian society, but this perspective has been rooted in society over times. According to this condition, we conduct a survey toward 3.789 respondents about their financial literacy. We provide the data according to respondents gender. In general, we do not find any significant difference between them. Most of their financial product awareness and planned future financial product are quite similar. Regarding their information source about financial issue, most of them gain the information by themselves (conducting self browsing), as well as from external sources such as their parents and media. To gain deeper insight about this finding, please kindly download the report below. The report contains several information such as:

  • Male&female respondents financial product awareness and their current bank service usage
  • Male&female respondents plan to own financial product in the future
  • Male&female respondents preference of bank service to place their planned financial product
  • Male&female respondents reason of choosing particular bank
  • Male&female respondents planned time to actually own their planned financial product in the future

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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