•Women are perceived as having a multi-role in the household, who are responsible for domestic works, children's education, child caregiver, supporting the family's economy, and managing the family's finances.

Gender Roles in the Indonesian Households – JAKPAT Survey Report

April 21st is Kartini’s Day also known as Women’s Emancipation Day where we commemorate RadenAjengKartini, the hero of Indonesian women’s empowerment. In this modern era, the struggle of R.A. Kartini is often associated with gender equality. Gender refers to standards of concepts, values, norms, stereotypes that are actually formed by society itself. As in the household, women are often considered more suitable to work in the domestic area while men are in the public and more worthy of being leaders³. To build a strong family relationship, there needs to be togetherness/harmony between husband and wife in their role in marriage.

Relevant to that matters, JAKPAT has conducted a survey to discuss what the ideal or desired roles of a husband and wife in a household and the actual condition that occurs in their household. In addition, there will be discussed the perception of the Indonesian about some of the stereotypes or labels that have been occurring in many communities related to issues in the household.




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