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Halal Cosmetics and Skincare – Survey Report

Halal now extends to other areas other than food such as cosmetics or skin care products. If we take a look on the media such as TV, radio, social media, etc some cosmetics products advertise that their products are halal. It gives an indication of how “halal” is the one of the attributes that consumers should consider in purchasing cosmetics products. So this survey was conducted in across Indonesia with 1919 total respondents who female majority that routine using make-up. We are curious about what cosmetics products that they’ve been used, is that halal or no, what is their perception about halal cosmetics, how important halal is, is there any relation with religiosity, and so on. Based on survey result, Even on cosmetics products, consumers particularly our respondents are more concerned with logo halal, majority of them will look for the logo or label halal on the product. Furthermore they are already consider the importance of information on ingredients of product to be consumed. For the further explanation about this issue, you can download our full report below. You may get several data about:
• Cosmetics and skin care products actual buying experience
• Halal cosmetics perception
• Halal awareness before buying
• Halal awareness about cosmetics that they’ve been used
• How important ‘halal’ is
• Information sources about halal cosmetics or skincare
• Willingness to buying halal cosmetics
• Religiosity
• Attention to ingredients information

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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