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Herbal Medicine: The Indonesians “First Aid” for Catching a Cold? – Survey Report

Catching a cold or widely known in Indonesia as MASUK ANGIN is the most common symptom of getting sick that is often experienced by many Indonesian people. There are many ways to overcome this cold and one of them, which is the most popular way, is to take herbal medicine for colds. Manufacturers who offer herbal medicine for cold in Indonesia are not so many and you could say the opportunity to enter this market is still large. Regarding this matter, recently JAKPAT has conducted a survey that conducted among 1879 respondents in Indonesia. The goal of this report is to understand how consumers consume their herbal cold medicines. Furthermore, this report intends to give marketers a better understanding of how consumers see herbal cold medicines compared with pharmaceutical one.  You can find out more information in our full data report. Here is a list of the highlighted information:

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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