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How Do You Like Your Movie? – Movie Preference Survey Report 2017

Movie industry has grown so much that a lot of new movies of many genres and stories keep coming every year. We then become exposed to a lot of different options of movie to choose from to watch. Therefore a preference may develop of what movies we are dragged in to watch. This survey talks about what our respondents have as their base of preference when choosing a movie out of many to watch at the cinema or theatre. We include topics such as:

  • Movie preference based on national originality
  • Movie preference based on genre
  • Movie preference based on year of release or making
  • Movie preference: local vs foreign
  • Reasons to like foreign movies
  • Reasons to like local/Indonesian movies
  • Source of information for movie preview
  • Motivation on watching movie
  • Media to watch the movie on

As for the highlight of the survey results, in general more than 50% of the respondents prefer watching foreign movies to local/Indonesian movies. For the reason behind such a preference, you shall check out the full data by downloading the files underneath this article.

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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