IGTAINMENT: Instagram Infotainment – Survey Report

In the past few years, there is a rapid growth of interest toward the new form of celebrities infotainment (information entertainment) in Instagram (IG). There are so many accounts on IG now that specifically give some feeds about Indonesian celebrities infotainment, such as Lambe Turah, Tante Rempong, and Madam van Julid. In this survey, we address those accounts as “celebrities infotainment accounts”. Regarding to this matter, recently JAKPAT has conducted a survey in order to see the mapping of respondents’ activities in relation to those celebrities infotainment accounts. This survey was conducted to 3006 respondents from across Indonesia. There are two preliminary questions to filter the respondents. From a total of 3006 respondents who visit this survey, we gained 1991 respondents who are the followers of celebrities infotainment account. Apparently, 36,56% of respondents admit that they have ever been involved in a ‘comment war’ with another netizen on some posting of celebrities infotainment account. You can find out more information in our full data report. Here is a list of the highlighted information:

  • The Celebrities Infotainment Account
  • The Source
  • The Reason
  • The Period
  • The Notification
  • The Account
  • The Activities


 For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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