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Indonesia E-commerce Habit Report 2017

E-commerce has been a hot topic in Indonesia thanks to Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Rocket’s Lazada, and online transportation Gojek, Grab, and Uber—for making it possible to shift the purchasing behavior of Indonesian people from offline retailer to online platform. But recently when media reported the slowing economy due to the decline of purchasing power, people then pointed that maybe it’s because of online disruption.

Apparently, online shopping only contributed not bigger than 1% to Indonesia’s GDP, meaning that the purchasing power still came from the offline activities. Looking beyond, it is still a challenge for online businesses to crack the buying behavior of Indonesian people. The trigger to buy online is because of discount and cheaper price, since people would still buy from offline store despite higher price than online.

JAKPAT conducted a survey towards 1241 respondents who are active online shoppers. Through this survey JAKPAT conducts an investigation of their online shopping habits  JAKPAT conducts an investigation of their online shopping habits.

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