Indonesia E-commerce Trend 2018 – JAKPAT Survey Report

E-commerce competition is increasing in Indonesia, both for the players and the service and products as well. Indonesians are very welcome with this. Indonesian people enthusiasm urges e-commerce players in Indonesia make a more significant consumer reach, and occasional promotion or event to gain awareness and engagement.

JAKPAT conducted a survey of trends in e-commerce in Indonesia throughout 2018

Research details:

  • 2,000+ JAKPAT respondents involved
  • Data collection was carried out 4 times, Q1 (March 2018), Q2 (June 2018), Q3 (September 2018), and Q4 (December 2018).
  • The questionnaires were distributed via JAKPAT mobile app
  • Proportioned by Indonesian internet population


Capturing consumer trend in online shopping platforms

  • Exploring consumer shopping behavior through their experience journey
  • Identify consumer consideration while buying products
  • Mapping consumer needs and wants towards online shopping platforms
  • Learning in-store experience from the shoppers to find out the triggers and barrier they encounter during their shopping activities

Capturing the Indonesia e-commerce big players

  • Identify how e-commerce players in Indonesia are well known
  • Measuring E-commerce brand awareness and its usage
  • Identify the improvement key to getting attached to Indonesian online shopping consumer

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You can download our survey report on a link below:

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