Indonesia Independence Day JAKPAT Survey Report 2018

This survey was meant to find out the meaning of the celebration of Indonesia‘s Independence Day. We wanted to see how enthusiastic the young generations represented by the millennials and generation Z were about symbolic activities or actions to nationalism. Therefore we asked the respondents about things like their preference toward local brands, the language used in daily conversation and phone setting, their participation in Independence Day festive events, etc. The result may conclude how much of a nationalist the respondents are.

We were more focused on what the millennials and some portion from the generation Z would do in celebrating the Independence Day. Why such segments? Because the era of digitalization has brought some significant effects toward the lifestyle of these two groups, especially toward the attitude in general.

We managed to ask 1.911 respondents throughout the country. Since we wanted to see the habit of the millennials and generation Z, we only involved respondents no older than 35 years old.

We have highlighted some points that were deemed interesting and worth noticing, and they are:

  • A majority was not excited to watch the flag-flying ceremony at the National Palace on TV
  • Over 50% admitted to not really looking forward to taking part in the flag-flying ceremony and singing the song of Hari Merdeka (official Indonesia’s Independence Day song)
  • Majority of respondents (over 50%) strongly prefer Indonesian brand for clothing items, holiday destination, language used in phone setting and language used in the photo caption on soc-med, over the foreign/international ones
  • Over 20% of respondents in the age range of under 16 to 25 admitted to not taking part in anything in the celebration of the Independence Day
  • Over 20% of respondents in the age range of under 16 to 25 admitted to preferring working at a multinational/international company




For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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