Indonesia Mobile Habit 2nd Semester 2018: Mobile Entertainment

Digital era makes the internet is more accessible from any location and devices. Nowadays mobile devices provide a lot of facilities which is very helpful for human needs. Not only makes people get easier to communicate and getting information, but also the use of the mobile device has transformed many aspects in daily life such as became portable entertainment, health care settings, business needs, etc. It makes people hard to separate from the mobile phone.

This report consists of 2 topics which are consumers general mobile habits and consumers’ mobile habits related to entertainment. The purpose of this report is to analyze mobile habit among our respondents, especially in how our respondents spend their time to use the mobile device for entertainment needs.

Research Details:

  • 2047 respondents of JAKPAT
  • Proportioned by JAKPAT internet population
  • The survey is conducted in 5 days
  • Data collecting start from December, 13th 2018 until December, 18th 2018
  • The survey distributed via JAKPAT app
  • Margin of error below 3%





You can download our survey reports on a link below

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