Indonesia Social Media Trend 1st Semester 2018 – JAKPAT Survey Report

Studies have shown that quite a good number of people spend 25% of their time on the social networking platform. Social media nowadays offers innovative and easy to use the platform to mobilize people. It broadens the opportunity to share information among themselves. The level of people interaction becomes very high due to the high use intensity of social media.

JAKPAT conducted a survey of 2,000+ respondents to capture the trend of social media usage in Indonesia 1st semester 2018.

Research Details:

  • Collecting data was done quarterly ( twice in a semester).
  • Proportioned by Indonesia internet population
  • The survey was conducted with the same group of respondents
  • The questionnaire was distributed through JAKPAT app.

Research Objectives:

  • This report is to capture the trend of social media usage in Indonesia 1st semester 2018
  • Social media brand awareness, frequently use and used most often (BUMO)
  • Gathering social media value for users, the habit of users in using social media—activity, befriend in social media and their common interest in social media as well

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You can download our survey report on a link below :

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