Indonesia Social Media Trend Report Q4 2017

“Social media has become an inseparable communication platform in our lives. At some point, social media that earlier known only as the social networking platform, then extend its functionality in several aspects, such as information searching platform, broadcasting a live event, and become people’s diary or life journal. However, although social media seems to play a pivotal role in our life, we may see a changing landscape of this industry. We regularly measure the trend of social media usage in quarter basis. Surprisingly, we find that the ups and downs of certain social media platform happen very quickly within a year. Take a look at Path as a social media platform that once very popular in earlier this year turns down to become the least popular platform within this quarter for instance.”

At the end of 2017, JAKPAT conducted a survey of social media trends for the fourth quarter of 2017. Several findings, we compared the trend between the first quarter and the fourth quarter of 2017. This survey was conducted on 4379 respondents active users of social media.

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