Indonesian Motorbike User – Survey Report

Indonesia is one of the biggest market for motorbike industry in global scale. According to the data of Asosiasi Industri Sepeda Motor Indonesia (AISI) the population of motorbike in Indonesia is reaching 80 million unit. For fewer segment of Indonesian, one person may even have more than one unit of motorbike. We conduct a survey of 1.503 respondents in nationwide who possibly own personal motorbike. As the population of Indonesian motorbike unit in Indonesia is reaching 80 million unit, therefore the number of respondents in this survey is considered as an acceptable number (Krejcie and Morgan, 1970). According to our data finding, 84% of our respondents in this survey own personal motorbike. The demographic composition of our respondents is 54% male and 46% female with various distribution of age range. 1 The highlight of our survey is mostly focused to the different preferences between our male and female respondents who have participated in this survey. Although in general there is no significant difference between them, we still find specific findings that differentiate the preference between them. For our female respondents, the influence of her spouse is playing an important role on the decision of the type and brand they are about to buy. Otherwise, for respondents under 19 years old, the influence of motorbike purchasing behaviour is mostly dominated by their parents. 2 First of all we would like to map the motorbike brand preference from the 84% respondents who own personal bike. Honda seems to dominate the market share of our respondents in this survey since more than half of them own this brand. Moreover, respondents’ reason on choosing motorbike brand is various. However, product quality is considered as the most important reason for them. 3 Nowadays motorbike comes in three kinds such as bebek/cub, matic/AT, and sport. Among the three kinds of motorbike, matic bike seems to be the most popular among our respondents in this survey. Moreover, respondents’ consideration on choosing their preferred kind of motorbike is basically based on the easiness to ride, fuel economy, and the price of the bike. 4 We further try to map the type of the respondents owned motorbike based on the brand. The type of Honda motorbike that mostly owned by our male and female respondents seems to be different. Our male respondents mostly own Supra, BeAT, and Vario; while the female respondents in this survey picks otherwise. 5 Regarding respondents who own Yamaha motorbike, both male and female respondents in this survey were mentioning Mio and Jupiter. However, their third preferred type is quite different. The male respondents in this survey were more likely choosing V-Ixion, while the female respondents were choosing Vega. 6 Our male and female respondents who own Kawasaki motorbike tend to choose similar preference. Among the entire given list showing the type of Kawasaki motorbike, most of them were choosing Ninja. 7 To expand our understanding on respondents’ preference of choosing the type of motorbike, we asked them to pick two most important factors on choosing motorbike type. Product design and fuel economy becomes two most important factors among them, followed by engine performance and price. Moreover, Premium and Pertamax becomes two most used motorbike fuel among respondents. 8 Regarding the role of other people on respondents’ buying decision, we would like to examine several aspects. Most respondents in this survey tend to choose the type and brand of motorbike they currently own by themselves. However, parent and spouse also plays significant factor for specific segment. 9 The buying behaviour of respondents in this survey tends to show two tendencies. For the younger respondents (under 19 years old) most of them had their motorbike bought by their parents. In other hand, most respondents were buying the motorbike by themselves. Regarding the payment method, most respondents were more likely to pay cash than using credit installment. 10 At last, we list several fun facts of respondents in this survey regarding their owned motorbike. All the facts are shown in the image below. 11 For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below (bahasa). JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gender,age range, location by province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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