Online Seller Survey-624

Indonesian Online Seller (Updated) – Survey Report

This survey is the newest updates from previous survey on 2015. We realize that more people easily spending their money for online shopping. In digital age like now, people especially millennials who tech-savvy, they can get items they want or they need. It is not surprising anymore that online shopping could be habits among people. On the other hand, its habit becoming a great opportunity for anyone to have money. Selling online is an effective strategy to offer products across the world. Online seller easily offers their products or services through various platform or media. So, we are still curious about the experience of the online seller. Do they use any platforms to sell their products? What platform is most profitable? How much their monthly turnover from selling online? Do they serve international shipping? What is most favorite courier delivery service among respondents? And more. We conduct a survey of 1971
respondents who have experience in selling online. To gain deeper about our findings, please kindly download our report below.

Here are some survey highlight that you can find:
• Variety products that they sell online
• The most profitable platform
• Favorite platform to advertise their products
• Favorite courier delivery services





For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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