Inside the Bag: Photo Observation of Respondents Carried Stuff inside Their Bag

Back to basic, wearing bag is not only used as a fashion statement, but essentially used to carry our daily stuff. What we bring in our bag may reflect essential stuff that means for us. Using photo observation study, we conduct a survey toward 52 respondents to see the inside part of their bag. We ask them to take a photo of the stuff they carry inside their bag. According to the data, we find significant difference between male and female respondents regarding the type of bag they carry as well as the number of stuff they put inside their bag. By comparing respondents’ sex, we find that female respondents in this survey tend to use more various type of bag  than male respondents. Female respondents in this survey tend to use backpack (31%), sling bag (31%), hand bag (19%), clutch (8%), and tote bag (11%). In other hand, male respondents in this survey are more likely to use backpack (71%) and sling bag (24%). Moreover, our female respondents in this survey tend to bring more bag than male. 31% female respondents in this survey carry 2-3 bags everyday. Moreover, several stuff such as wallet, phone charger, stationery, tissue, and phone become the top five essential stuff that our respondents in this survey carry everyday inside their bag. You can find out more information in our full data report. Below we make a list of the highlighted information that you can access from this survey:

  • Top five carried stuff inside respondents’ bag
  • Difference between female and male carried stuff inside their bag
  • Respondents’ frequency of adding new stuff in the bag
  • Type of bag our respondents most frequently carry

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