Instagram Users Behavior Survey Report

According to Wikipedia, Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking, so we get another medium for sharing our interests besides Twitter, Facebook and Path. Since it was launched on October 2010, Instagram has already had 300 million users on 2014, surpassing Twitter, its competitor. Only 30% of its users are from USA, where its origin, while the rest 70% of its users are from outside of USA. It shows that most of Instagram users are non-American and live in other countries, including Indonesia. Therefore, knowing what Instagram users do while using the app can give some insights about their behavior. pic user 1 JAKPAT conducted a survey concerning Instagram user behavior. This survey is followed by 530 Indonesian respondents installing and using Instagram in their smartphones. We found some facts concerning their behavior towards Instagram app.


More than 50% of respondents have had Instagram app since 1-2 years ago.

Q8 (single answer) : when did you install instagram app and create your account? Total Gender
Male Female
Option 1 : 1-2 weeks ago 5 3 2
0,95% 1,50% 0,62%
Option 2 : more than 3 weeks ago 1 0 1
0,19% 0,00% 0,31%
Option 3 : 1-2 months ago 23 8 15
4,38% 4,00% 4,62%
Option 4 : more than 3 months ago 104 53 51
19,81% 26,50% 15,69%
Option 5 : 1-2 years ago 295 102 193
56,19% 51,00% 59,38%
Option 6 : more than 3 years ago 97 34 63
18,48% 17,00% 19,38%

More than half of respondents have accessed Instagram for one or two years (56.19%), while the rest respondents have accessed it for more than three months (19.81%) and more than three years (18.48%). Only few respondents have installed Instagram since the last three weeks. 50%+ of respondents share their activities through Instagram

Q1 (single answer) : what kind of things that you share most on instagram Total Gender
Male Female
Option 1 : private photo (selfie, candid or things you own) 173 63 110
32,95% 31,50% 33,85%
Option 2 : activity that you are doing (with others or by yourself) 279 113 166
53,14% 56,50% 51,08%
Option 3 : funny picture (such as meme or funny quotation) obtained from internet 30 18 12
5,71% 9,00% 3,69%
Option 4 : video recorded by yourself 2 0 2
0,38% 0,00% 0,62%
Option 5 : funny video or other video obtained from internet 2 0 2
0,38% 0,00% 0,62%
Option 6 : food or beverages 39 6 33
7,43% 3,00% 10,15%

Photos concerning their activities and private photos are the most shared photos in Instagram. However, we found two interesting facts here. First, those who choose sharing funny pictures are dominated by men (5.31% higher than women), while those who choose sharing food or beverages are dominated by women (7.15% higher than men). It shows that, women have tendency to share food or beverages photos on Instagram, while men have tendency to share funny pictures. Second, respondents who are less than 16 years and between 30 and 35 years tend to share their private photos than other photos. More than 65% of respondents like tagging their photos

Q2 (single answer) : i like tagging my photo with others Total Gender
Male Female
Option 1 : yes 350 123 227
66,67% 61,50% 69,85%
Option 2 : no 175 77 98
33,33% 38,50% 30,15%

66.67% of respondents like tagging their photos but 58.67% of respondents do not like tagging their videos.

75%+ of respondents use Instagram to find particular vendors’ accounts graph user 1 Majority of respondents want to find vendors selling fashion stuff such as clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

65%+ of respondents upload their photos/videos rarely


While we asked about their sharing photo frequency, more than 65% of respondents upload their new photos/videos rarely: 43.91% of respondents upload photos/videos 1-2 times a month and 22.83% of respondents upload photos/videos more than 3 times a month. Those who upload their photos/videos quite often are only 23.69% (respondents uploading their photos/videos 1-2 times a day and more than 3 times a day). It is even not a quarter of respondents.

Most respondents access Instagram when they are free graph user 2 Most respondents access Instagram when they are free Only few respondents access Instagram as soon as they receive a notification (11.51%). Moreover, only 12.08% of respondents access instagram every hour. Respondents are willing to access Instagram when they are free (70.57%). It shows that they use Instagram for spending their free time, and it is not a must opened app after receiving a notification. Less than 60% of respondents like sharing their photos or videos on other social media via Instagram

Q9 (single answer) : do you like sharing your uploaded photo or video on other social media (such as facebook, twitter and tumbler)? Total Gender
Male Female
Option 1 : yes 290 101 189
55,24% 50,50% 58,15%
Option 2 : no 235 99 136
44,76% 49,50% 41,85%

We found that there is no considerable difference between those who like sharing their photos on other social media and those who do not like sharing. It is almost equal between them.




For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below. JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gendr,age range, locationby province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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