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JAKPAT Trend Track #2 2019 – Survey Report

The Trend-Track study byJAKPAT is initiated to capture what’s currently happening across media platforms on a biweekly basis. In the fourth week of January 2019, several of the same issues were discussed on several platforms such as social media, Youtube, and online news. Issues related to the Indonesian presidential election are still a major topic. In addition, in terms of international programs, South Korean TV/drama/film shows are increasingly showing popularity in Indonesia, even within the scope of JAKPAT respondents, able to rival the popularity of American dramas/films. Key areas: Indonesian (national) TV programs, international TV programs (including online streaming platform such as Netflix, HooQ, iFlix, Viu, etc), Youtube, social media, and online news. Research Details:

  • 1,003 JAKPAT respondents involved
  • Data collecting was done on January 29th – February 2nd, 2019
  • The margin of error: Below 3%
  • Proportioned by Indonesian internet population

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You can download some free parts of the report on a link below:


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