Jastip: Jasa Titip (Shopping Entrusted Goods Service) – Survey Report

Shopping entrusted goods service or most commonly known as jastip (jasa titip) becomes a quite popular phenomenon in today online shopping business. In this kind of service, basically, people who will visit particular place will announce their plan and offer others if they want to entrust them buying any goods in the place they are about to visit. The way they announce their jastip offering may be done by making specific social media account for jastip, or just using their personal social media account. The person who offers jastip then will receive benefit from the jastip fee they add to the customers’ ordered product. Understanding this business opportunity, we conduct a survey about jastip to 1.603 respondents who ever use this service. According to our survey results, respondents awareness and experience of using jastip service is quite high. Fashion items become the most frequently purchased product by using jastip service for most respondents in this survey. By understanding the already high awareness and experience of using jastip service among our respondents, we can see an opportunity for the growth of jastip business in the near future.

In order to enhance our understanding about jastip service, you can download our free survey report below. This report contains several insights such as:

  • Awareness and experience of using jastip service
  • Purchased product using jastip service
  • Type of jastip vendor our respondents ever use
  • Jastip expense and method of paying jastip
  • Average cost of shopping with jastip
  • Purchased brand of using jastip service
  • Motivation of using jastip service

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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