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Kids Watching YouTube: Why and How Their Parents Give the Access – Survey Report

The revolution of communication technology leads the younger generation to access digital device way earlier than most of us do. Today, it is a quite common phenomenon seeing kids bring the digital device, watch content from the internet, had their social media account made by their parent, etc. Watching YouTube content is not different. It is very easy to spot kids ranging from toddler to almost teenager watching YouTube content. Especially for kids in toddler age, their behavior of accessing YouTube is supported by their parents, since most of them using their parent’s gadget to watch YouTube. We conduct a survey toward 593 respondents who have kids to understand their permission to access YouTube. According to our result, we find that most parent respondents in this survey give access to their children to watch YouTube for educational purpose. Through YouTube, their kids can learn audiovisual content that they consider beneficial for their kid’s growth. However, they also apply certain restriction due to their kids’ behavior during watching YouTube. Furthermore, in this survey we also examine the positive and negative effect our parent respondents admit regarding their kids access toward YouTube content.

To fully understand this topic, please kindly download our full report below. This report consists of several data, such as:

  • Kids starting age on watching YouTube content
  • Type of content kids usually access on YouTube
  • Parents motivation on allowing their kids watching YouTube
  • Applied restriction regarding their kids access on YouTube
  • Companionship during their kids accessing YouTube
  • Effect of accessing YouTube toward their kids

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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