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Millennials Dream House – JAKPAT Survey Report

A few times ago, there were articles that assume today millennials are facing difficulty regarding their buying power to buy their own house. As the property price is constantly rising, this generation is said to have a problem with the issue. Despite the empirical fact of the argument itself, we conduct a survey toward 3.192 millennials respondents in nationwide by asking them to tell about their dream house. We ask them about how does the ideal house for them would look like. According to our result, we find that most respondents in this survey would like to own house in modern minimalist style (77%). However, regarding the preferable residential environment, our male respondents in this survey prefer living in the non-housing complex (60%), while female respondents prefer to live in the housing complex (60%). Moreover, regarding the housing facilities, they would like to have in their dream house, we find that the needs of a communication system that allows them to be connected with the world become very urgent. As we ask them to mention the desirable facilities; most of them mention wifi connection and cable TV in the first place.  Furthermore, to enhance our understanding of how is the dream house of our millennials panel, please kindly download our report on the link below. This report consists of several data, such as:

  • Respondent type of ideal residential style
  • Respondent preference about residential environment
  • Desirable housing facilities in the dream house
  • Ideal size of space and furniture preference
  • Possible payment method to buy house

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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