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Millennials Expense Series: The College Student – Survey Report

Millennials has been long known for their unique characteristic compared to the previous generations. They are considered as the most promising generation as most of them pursue higher education, much more skilled, and own more disposable income. As they also adopt different lifestyle compared to other generations, we would like to seek more about how millennials especially the college students spend their income to afford their life expense. We conduct a survey toward 384 college respondents in nationwide from 19 to 24 years old. We find that most college student respondents in this survey receive their income from their parents. Interestingly, the amount of their income is almost similar with their monthly spending amount. By further examining respondents’ monthly spending for several aspect, we find that most of them are spending much for weekly hang out and dining, as well as monthly internet data package. To enrich your understanding about how millennials college student respondents in this survey spend their money, you can download our report by clicking the link below. Furthermore, in this report you can access several information such as:

  • Respondent amount and source of income
  • Respondent average amount of monthly spending
  • Respondent average spending to hang out and dining
  • Respondent average spending for internet data package
  • Respondent average spending for shopping and leisure
  • Respondent average spending for health and beauty treatment
  • Respondent average spending for installment

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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