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Mom Digital Habit: Online Shopping and Internet Access – Survey Report

Being a mother means that you have to spend most of your times for your own self, your kids, and your family. When it comes to access information, internet maybe quite helpful since it provides any information we need in anytime. However, the busy times of a mother may make them unable to access it freely as often as they want since they have to do a lot of multitasking things. Hence, at some point, internet maybe beneficial for them since it is not only offer many information, but also enable them to buy anything they need without leaving home. In short, internet provides generous information from whatever they need about personal and family stuff to online shopping. According to this phenomenon, we conduct a survey about mother digital habit. We conduct this survey toward 701 respondents in nationwide. Most respondents in this survey are mother who have baby and/or toddler. Thus, their age segment are relatively young and very close with the usage of internet in daily life. Notable point about this survey is that most respondents tend to access internet whenever they can or have leisure time. Besides that, some of them also access internet while their kids doing something else or not exactly on their watch. Regarding the day they usually access internet, most of them prefer to access it on weekdays more often than weekend. When they access internet, most of them usually access several topics such as online shopping, food recipe, health article, and parenting tips. Moreover, in specific to the online shopping issue, most of them like to buy stuff either for themselves and/or for they kids as well. At last, discount/promotion seems to be the most affecting factor of online shopping decision.

To better capture the insight of how mother respondents in this survey access digital information, please kindly download our report below. This report contains information such as:

  • Respondents owned social media account
  • Frequently accessed instant messenger
  • Most frequent condition, time, and day to access internet
  • Frequently accessed topic in internet
  • Online shopping behavior

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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