New Year Holiday Plan 2017 -Survey Report

Having holiday is always everyone’s dream. People sometimes put over another stuff and choose to have a holiday with friends or family. Without we realised before, holiday is an important moment for human to let go all the busy activities and deadlines, change it with people and happy activities around them. Even, a research from Icahn School of Medicine University of California and Harvard University (2016) proved that a holiday can change our genes function. It can help to boosts the immune system and prevent stress, dementia and depression. That’s why we choose holiday theme for this report survey and tried to gain more insights about people’s choices.

New year is always one of the most anticipated holiday. People prepared and waited for it to celebrate the moment of change, not only the year but also themselves. With total 1.627 respondents, this survey tried to capture respondents’ considerations and choices for new year holiday 2017. The result shows us that most of the respondents has prepared their new year holiday of 2017, bought their tickets and booked their hotels. Friends and family are the most enjoyable groups they found interesting to spend their holiday with. About holiday destination, majority of the respondents choose domestic places which shows their love and proudness of Indonesia.

To have deeper insight about people’s choices for new year holiday plan 2017, please download the link below. The report contains several data such as:

  • 1. Destination
  • 2. Companion
  • 3. Activities
  • 3. Budget
  • 4. Transportation
  • 5. Accommodation
  • 6. Mode of transaction

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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