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Online Job Search: Usage of Career Center Website – Survey Report

Finding a job is a challenging task that is faced by most today’s youth. As Indonesia is having a demographic bonus, which leads the big number of youth, the challenge of getting a job is just in front of us. The big number of youth and the limited job opportunity in the industry makes job recruitment process becomes another thing. In this survey, we would like to investigate online job search process conducted by our respondents using career center website. According to our result, most respondents in this survey tend to consider career center website as an effective platform to find a job. Many respondents in this survey admit that they ever have an interview call after applying the job using the service, and some others even get the job they desire. Moreover, we also find that our panel gender tends to choose different job field that attracts them.

For more detail data about this survey, please kindly download our free report below. This report consists of some data, such as:

  • Most accessed career center website of our respondents
  • Respondent experience on having interview call and get the job using career center website
  • Effectiveness of job seeking using career center website
  • Top 10 job fields seek by respondents

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 For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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