Online Qurban 2018 – Survey Report

The trend of online purchasing or online shopping has been growing vastly in the past several years. And, that trend did not leave purchasing Qurban behind because now anyone can buy their Qurban from their computer or smartphone. Therefore we conducted this survey; we wanted to find out what the trend was going to be like, whether everyone would agree to this online system for Qurban, the reasons behind those who have used the online service, etc.

For this survey, we involved as many as 1,375 JAKPAT respondents who were all Muslims. The data was collected on August 15, 2018. The objectives that we wanted to achieve from conducting this survey include to find out about the trend of Qurban online service and to find out the decisions behind using or not using a Qurban online service.

Here are some highlights that you can find in the full report:

Top four issues of concern for most respondents when deciding or not deciding to use a Qurban online service include the Islamic views toward the concepts of buying Qurban meat online, the benefits and reliability from using such an online service, and also the technical information on how to do the purchase.

Other points worth notifying include:

  1. There is a tendency from the respondents toward trusting a crowdfunding/zakat instance for doing an online Qurban
  2. Bukalapak became the top most used e-commerce for this year’s online Qurban

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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