Online Ride Booking Apps Preference – Survey Report

The rise of online ride booking application has changed the landscape of public transportation industry in Indonesia. Despite all the controversies about online taxi, we must acknowledge that several online ride booking apps such as GO-JEK, Uber, and Grab are gaining their popularity. We conduct a survey in five big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Bali to map respondent preference toward online ride booking apps. According to our survey result, GO-JEK is chosen as the most preferable online ride booking apps in overall cities. Moreover, regarding the payment method used by respondent in this survey, most of them are still using cash to pay their booking. We divide this survey report into two part. The first part is the survey highlight that illustrate general finding of our survey. In the second part, we describe our specific survey finding in every city. Moreover, this report will provide several data about:

  • Respondent experience on using online ride booking apps
  • Respondent frequency on using online ride booking apps
  • Motivation on choosing particular online ride booking service
  • Respondent preferred booking method
  • Respondent preferred payment method to pay the online ride booking apps

Tangkapan layar 2017-04-11 15.07.44

Tangkapan layar 2017-04-11 15.08.03

Tangkapan layar 2017-04-11 15.08.23


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