Parenting Life: How to Choose Pre School or Kindergarten – Survey Report

Pre-school and kindergarten are an important stage for children in developing their knowledge. While some parents choose home schooling, others choose to put their children in pre-school and kindergarten. At their earlier age, children need guidance to understand some concept, such as colour, shape, words, alphabets and also social skill to interact with others, both children and adults. This survey was conducted with total 1.502 respondents in Indonesia with married status. Though they haven’t child right now, some married couple already has plan for their future. Surprisingly, most of the respondent criteria for pre-school and kindergarten is not the curriculum, but on the location. They are willing to send their children to school if its distance less than 1 kilometre. It shows parents’ busy activity and safety reason so they choose closer place to their house. Indonesian parents also choose Bahasa Indonesia as language instruction at pre-school and kindergarten that shows respondents’ pride of our language. Religion based curriculum also became respondents’ choice on pre-school and kindergarten since to let the children understand the religion concept is very important at their age.

To gain further insight about Indonesian parents’ choice of pre-school and kindergarten, please download the link below. This report contains of several data, such as:

  • Consideration to choose pre-school and kindergarten
  •  Ideal opening hours
  •  Ideal price
  •  Favourite curriculum
  •  Ideal distance
  •  Language instruction at school
  •  Extra facilities


For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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