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Plan After College: Survey Report 2017

Life after college can be both exciting and challenging. For those who have a clear plan after their college it can be exciting. Not everyone has the same plan after college, though, and through this survey report we are going to look at all the various responses and plans from our respondents. We managed to ask 1348 respondents who were almost 100% of the age of 20-25 years old. That is just the right age range that should have been involved in this study.

Here are just a few highlights that you will find in the survey result:

  • 55.12% of respondents plan to work as professionals in a company after finishing their education.
  • 16.84% plan to become an entrepreneur while at the same time continuing their education on a higher level.
  • 16.17% plan on becoming an entrepreneur.
  • 11.87% plan to continue their education on a higher level.

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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