Pre-Ramadan Survey Report 2018 – JAKPAT Survey Report

Regarding Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr (Lebaran) in May-June 2018, JAKPAT conducted a survey to  3,100+ respondents about their planning to face Ramadan 2018, and recall their Ramadan habits last year. The data collected then cleaned, coded and analyzed by JAKPAT Data Analyst and researcher partner.

  • Objectives: To map the respondent plan of consumption during the upcoming Ramadan.
  • Coverage: This survey covers several issues such as; breakfasting&sahur habit, plan on grocery spending, habitual usage of body&skin care product in Ramadan, media habit, Eid day preparation spending, comparison of activities during Ramadan and other months, and their usage of holiday allowance (THR).

table 1

table 2


You can download our survey report on a link below:

pre-ramadhan survey-botton-premium report

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