Product Feedback Survey Template

Best part of survey is that you can -basically- ask your respondents about any aspect of your product, even your business. You can ask them about their opinion related to your product, what they want you to improve in the future or how much your product match their needs so far. In other hand, through a survey you can get a feedback of your product so that you can elevate your product competitiveness.

Here are a few ideas on how you can send surveys, get feedback and develop successful marketing strategies.

  • Existing product and service. Collect feedback on your product that’s currently on the market using Basic product survey. Through this kind of survey, you can learn on what your consumers are actually like and dislike,  what updates you can make to improve the experience for current customers and attract new customers. Further, Understand your customer base by sending a Customer loyalty survey to gain insights on the competition or a net promoter score questionnaire to discover where you stand. 
  • Adjusting features. In this point, you can use Product satisfaction survey to find out what your clients think about the features your product has, the features they never use, and the features they’d love to see.
  • Mid-production research. This kind of survey is aim to reassurance that your product is headed in the right direction. A marketing research survey can help you make important decisions during the design phase and could make the difference between a good product and an amazing product.
  • Usability testing. For software and applications, nothing beats usability testing to help you understand how your product is being used. Assign tasks, then use a product survey to see how easy your application is to use. 
  • A new market for your product. Through a survey market survey, you may discover the value in entering a market that you never thought of before.
  • Pricing.  Pricing can be a tricky factor of selling a product. If you set the price too high, you’ll probably just get a few customer but if you set the price too low, it would probably brought your business down, missing out on revenue. Setting a right price is definitely important. A short pricing poll will show if your product is priced appropriately for your market or whether it’s time to update your prices. 

Those are just a few of many mobile surveys you can do with our mobile platform. One thing for sure,it is important to fine tune your product and brand before you launch. 

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