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Ramadan Browsing Activity – JAKPAT Survey Report

Spending hours browsing the net is an ubiquitous activity in present day. It seems like we cannot be away from our gadget to browse anything from internet. During Ramadan, people browsing activity seems to change. Although in general there is no significant change in their daily activity such as working or going to school, but their time to conduct religious observance does. This argument is illustrated such as in this holy month our Moslem respondents are requested to wake up before dawn to have suhoor, they do not go to lunch in they day, etc. In order to fill their spare time of not having lunch for instance, some of them may be spending their time surfing the net. In order to deeply understand this phenomenon, we conduct a survey toward 3.799 respondents in this survey. All respondents in this survey are Moslem and living in all across Indonesia. Notable highlight about this survey is that most respondents in this survey recognise there is a significant change in their internet browsing habit during Ramadan. According to their answer, most of them admit that they are browsing more often in Ramadan than other months. Moreover, there are several moments when they are browsing most often, as well as certain specific topic about Ramadan or religious theme that they browse online. To enrich your understanding about this issue, please kindly download our full report below for free. By downloading the report, you will find our survey data about:

  • Respondents favourite moment to browsing
  • Respondents preferred gadget for browsing
  • Respondents preferred topic while browsing
  • Respondents type of accessed information
  • Respondents motivation of browsing in Ramadan

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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