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Ramadhan Grocery Shopping – JAKPAT Survey Report

Ramadan is coming and the spirit of the holy month is overwhelming. It is a common known that in Ramadan people would like to spend more to buy various kind of stuff to support their fasting worship, especially groceries. During Ramadan, most Moslem tend to be very excited in preparing iftar (break fasting/buka puasa) and suhoor (sahur) dishes. Most of them tend to serve special dishes as the reward for themselves after fasting all day long. Besides that, their time to do grocery shopping may be different than usual since they have to obey Ramadan religious observance such as iftar and sholat tarawih. This conditions then lead us to question about our respondent grocery shopping habit during Ramadan. By conducting this survey, we would like to explore more about the grocery shopping habit of our respondents. According to our result, we find that Ramadan may affect any change in respondent grocery shopping habit. Among all possible changes, the difference of their grocery shopping habit in Ramadan compared to other months are their amount of shopping budget, variance of purchased product, and the quantity of their purchased product. We also find that most respondents in this survey tend to have higher budget for grocery shopping in Ramadan. Furthermore, by downloading our report below you may get several data about:

  • Respondents’ interest on accessing Ramadan promotional program information.
  • Difference of grocery shopping pattern between Ramadan and other months.
  • Preferred location for Ramadan grocery shopping habit.
  • Budget difference and amount for Ramadan grocery shopping habit per transaction.
  • Frequency and time to buy groceries in Ramadan.
  • Frequently purchased grocery product in Ramadan.

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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