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Renting or Buying Wedding Stuff? – Survey Report

Apparently, most people in this world want to celebrate their once in a lifetime marriage with a graceful wedding. They want their wedding to be a cheerful, warm, loving, and joyful wedding despite whatever the wedding style or theme they choose. However, throwing a wedding party is not always cheap. As we find in our result, wedding cost seems to rise over time. Thus, there is a growing trend that today people are not always buying all their wedding equipment. Some of them prefer to rent several items instead of buying one, so that they will spend fewer money to afford wedding expense. Based on this phenomenon, we conduct a survey about respondent experience on renting or buying their wedding stuff. All respondents in this survey are married, and we ask them about their wedding experience. According to our result, there is a conclusion that respondent who spend more money for their overall wedding cost will spend higher expense for any wedding item that either they rent or buy. Moreover, regarding the time to prepare the wedding, we can assume that the shorter time they have to prepare the wedding the more likely they are renting wedding item. To gain deeper insight about this issue, you can download our free survey report below. This report contain several information such as:

  • Average wedding expense over times
  • Wedding expense payment source
  • Duration to prepare the wedding and the probability to rent wedding stuff
  • Respondents’ cost of their wedding item

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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