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Residential Preference: Apartment Interest – Survey Report

The crowd of living in big cities may left a problem related to the living space. Due to the expensive price of land, as well as the limited space for building a house most urban citizen seems to prefer apartment as their living space. The interest of living in apartment at some point also show a tremendous growth. As we can see in several cities outside Jakarta, the development of apartment building is constantly growing. Many apartment buildings are being constructed and already gain buyers, even if actually the building is not completely constructed yet. Regarding to this phenomenon, we conduct a survey toward 2.203 respondents in nationwide to understand their interest towards apartment. According to our result, most respondents in this survey are living in the house, but 78% of them are interested towards apartment. Moreover, their interest towards apartment is showing interesting finding as well. At least, 47% respondents in this survey are interested to buy and live in the apartment. However, about 50% respondents in this survey also consider apartment as an investment asset, since they are interested to renting and/or re-selling their apartment unit. Regarding the preferred location for apartment service they like to have, most of them still prefer Indonesia big cities which mostly located in Java.

To enhance your understanding about this issue, please kindly download our survey report below. This report contains several information such as:

  • Respondents interest toward apartment
  • Preferred location for apartment
  • Respondents effort on having apartment
  • Reason of respondent interest towards apartment
  • Considerable factor on selecting apartment


For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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